m-r Sasho Kocevski
Executive Board member

Military Officer, Rank Colonel, retired
+389 70 403 549
Enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Motivated to learn, grow and contribute to organization. Clear understandings of tasks, excellent ability to educate, train and transfer of personal knowledge and experience to other team members. Experienced in variety of assignments and positions with almost 30 years of military service. Skilled to communicate with superiors and subordinates. National reputation to solve arguments, misunderstanding and problems in national, multinational and multicultural environment and capacitated to improve communication. Respectful to gender policies and sentiments. Reliable employee, loyal to institution, well organized, willing to accept additional responsibilities to meet the team and institution targets. Clear judgement on priorities, goals and smooth transition of one to other target. Ability to manage multitasking, passionate and hardworking, educated and trained to work calm under the pressure. Positive attitude, mainly realist but also optimist, maintain the working tempo even in overtime if required by institution to achieve the results.

Planning, Organizing, Managing, Leading and Supervising of office and staff work
Planning, Directing, Observing and Executing Crisis Management and Emergency Operations
Planning, executing and supervising deployment of force in operations
Decision making based on knowledge, training, experience in blurry situation, able to use intuitive decision making
Effectiveness and Efficiency oriented
Demanding invention and innovation
Focused on achievements and improvement of the organization’s functioning
Short, Mid and Long Term Planning Project Management
Briefings, presentations in front of national and international authorities
Quick analyst capable to synthetize and make decision
Swiftly adaptable to sudden change of daily routine or hard challenges
Positive influence on others by personal behavior
High appreciation on Ethics and Moral
Knowledge of financial planning
Microsoft Office
Logistic Operations and Material management

December 2019 – December 21 2022
Advisor to the General staff for Operations and Combat Readiness, Ministry of Defense, General staff of the Armed Forces, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia: Advice decision makers for improvements in Operations Planning; Executing, and improving the combat readiness; Operations Planning, Evaluation and Improvements of Plans

September 2015 – December 2019
Head of J3 Operations and Combat Readiness Ministry of Defense, General staff of the Armed Forces, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia: Organize and lead the Staff work; Operations Planning, Evaluation and Improvements; Lead, direct and supervise; Operate with limited resources; Oversaw daily operations to ensure high level of productivity; Team building to enhance working relationships; Resolving conflicts; Focused on innovative and inventive proposals.

March 2011 – September 2015
Commander of the 3rd Reserve Infantry Brigade Ministry of Defense, General staff of the Armed Forces, Joint Operation Command, Kumanovo, Republic of North Macedonia: Command, Lead and Direct the Brigade Staff work; Affordable plan expectation; Supervise the professionalism, organizational skills and leadership of the subordinates; Responsible for overall status of the Brigade; Providing clear prioritization of tasks; Flexible working time; Problem solving; High demands on laws, standards, policies and regulations; Consistent in precision, professionalism, and swift adoption on situation changes

January 2006 – March 2011
Deputy Head of J1 Personnel Management Ministry of Defense, General staff of the Armed Forces, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia: Lead the section to develop plans on inflow and outflow of personnel; Development of quality Personnel Strategy; Recruitment plans; Selection; Promotions; Reassignments; Equal opportunities; Short, Mid and Long Financial Planning; Requirements; Career management.

June 2001 – January 2006
International Military education and training officer Ministry of Defense, General staff of the Armed Forces, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia: Education and training Planning; Explication of international education and training program; Selection of suitable personnel; Operate data base; Providing proposals for improvements; Ranking list of the candidates.

June 1993 – June 2001
Ministry of Defense, General staff of the Armed Forces, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defense Battalion, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia: Commander of autonomous CBRN platoon, Commander of CBRN company; Chief of the Field Laboratory Station

June 2008 – June 2009
Master of Science: National Security Strategy National Defense University, National War College, Washington DC, USA

July 2005 – June 2006
Masters of Military Arts: Joint Command and General Staff School, Baltic Defense College, Tartu, Estonia

While in military service I was additionally appointed to variety of temporarily structured working groups designated to specific purposes at the level of the General staff. Mainly those were related to the Armed Forces Transformations, Projects, Force structure, education, training, personnel management and benefits in order to achieve requirements as full NATO member.

As a Leader of the team responsible to create new affordable force structure that best meets newly adopted Armed Forces Missions, as a part of preparation for full-fledged NATO membership I participated in two Integration Conferences.

Served in “ISAF” mission in Kabul, Afghanistan as Commander of the 160 troops and Senior National Representative, providing guard, security and defense of the Main HQ of “ISAF” mission.

Moreover, as Head of the section J3 Operations and Combat Readiness, by the Chief of Defense I was assigned to lead the team to develop Defense Strategy, Doctrine, Tactics, techniques and procedures to provide support to the Ministry of the Interior in crisis management.

Additionally, I participated in numerous National and Multinational Exercises developed on different scenarios manning the lower level up to the highest level officers’ positions.

Throughout the career I commanded, supervised, assessed, controlled, led the troops as well as the staff elements.

Calmed character, educated and trained to carry out the mission and tasks under the high tempo, time and situational pressure. Reliable team member, swift decision maker, leader who practice Lead by example. Caring, flexible on different personalities, culture and ethnicity. Assuring and convincing ability, proactive and innovative. Taking initiative to improve the processes able to follow several processes simultaneously. Positive, optimist and persistent to use the time, personnel and materials in effective and efficient manner.