Promotion of the aims and program activities of the association

Promotion of the aims and program activities of the association: In order to promote the mission, goals and program activities of the CENTER FOR INTEGRATED SECURITY, in the second half of 2023 we realized the following:

1. Information has been delivered (by post and electronically) to all related and relevant state institutions, to the City of Skopje and the local governments in its territory, to non-governmental organizations and business associations and chambers in the state;
2. Information has been delivered (by mail and electronically) to all Embassies of the member states of the NATO Alliance, to the Embassies of other democratic states from Europe, America and Asia and to relevant representations of international and regional organizations;

3. We started with media promotion of the Association CENTER FOR INTEGRATED SECURITY, with the participation of the president of the association in the following debate shows:
- Guest appearance on 16.11.2023 on the national television TV 24 in the program Studio 10 on the topic: "The setting of the National Security System, in the context of increased regional and international threats and challenges".
- Guest appearance on 22.11.2023 on the national television MTV in the central diary in Topic of the day: "Security challenges, in the context of the visit of the Secretary General of NATO to our country and to the countries of the Western Balkan region". 
- Guest appearance on 27.12.2013 on the national television TV 24 in the program Studio 10 on the topic: "Analysis of the security-political situation of the year that is passing".
- Interview of the president of the association PhD. Zlatko Kuzmanov on TV 24, in the show Studio 10 on January 16, 2024, on the topic: "Security analysis of the reasons for the enormous increase in defense budgets and the accelerated modernization and armament of the armies of the Western Balkan countries".
- 20.02.2024, analysis was conducted on on 'TV 24', delving into the subject of "The Russian influence in the Western Balkan countries, with a special emphasis on Republic of Bulgaria".

4. For greater visibility and networking, the association is registered for cooperation in the database of the Department for Cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations under the Government, in the register of more established associations and foundations in the country.

Lecture on the topic: "Protection of personal data"
IN November 2023, the CENTER FOR INTEGRATED SECURITY will hold a one-day lecture on the topic: "Protection of personal data" for the needs of the employees of the bookkeeping and accounting services company "Biro STK" from Skopje.

Participation in events and lectures organized by other associations and foundations
During the second half of 2023, the president of the association and some of the members of the Executive Board took part in the following events organized in the country:

1. Training: "Protection of personal data", organized by the "Metamorphosis" Foundation and the "Connect" Association on September 13 and 14, 2023 in Skopje.

2. National forum: "From civic activism to social changes - expectations versus reality", organized by the Association "Civica Mobilitas" and "Macedonian Center for International Cooperation-MCMS" on 15.11.2023 in Skopje.

3. Open anti-corruption forum, organized by the "Macedonian Center for International Cooperation-MCMS" on 6 and 7 December 2023 in Skopje.

4. Workshop on "Good Governance", "Transparency and Accountability", organized by "Civic Resource Center-GRC" on 12 and 13.12.2023 in Skopje.

5. Online trainings organized by GRC in December, for: - Good management of Civil Organizations;
- Transparency and openness of Civil Organizations;
- Project cycle and phases of the Project cycle;
- Analysis of problems and goals and development of a project strategy; - Logical framework, logic of intervention, risks for the project.

6. On January 23, 2024, the president of CIB attended the presentation of the research report "The effect of misinformation and foreign influences on the democratic processes in S. Macedonia in 2023", which is being realized in the premises of the association "Civic Resource Center" in Skopje. The research was conducted by a team of the Internet and Society Foundation "Metarmophosis".