m-r Dushko Petrovski
Supervisory Board member
Date of birth: 24.10.1958

Nationality: Macedonian

Current status: In this moment – retiree from Crisis Management Centre (CMC).

Last my position in CMC was:
- first, Head of Department for E-112,
- previous my position was, Head of Department for operation and coordination–CMC
(Date from - Date to)
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

University Cyril and Methodius – Branch of National /General Defence
10/1977 to 10/1981
Diploma, VII Degree education
Military academy Gen.Mihailo Apostolski Skopje Master of studies
09/2011 to 05/2014
Master degrees on the Military Academy, General Mihailo Apostolski, Skopje, Crisis Management and Protect and rescue branch/field. Last exam of master degrees with topic “Implementation on the European emergency telephone number 112 in Republic of Macedonia” (2014).
Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
Testing on two different testing systems
NATO STANAG 6001 English232
International English Language Testing System (IELS) - Academic – British Council (scores are from one to 9) attach certificate5*5*4*
Membership of professional bodies:
  • Member of working group from Republic of North Macedonia in the project for Climate Change Adaptation in transboundary Flood Risk Management, Western Balkans Country, Albania, Kosovo, Monte Negro and North of Macedonia, a sign from the director of CMC;
  • Member of inter-ministrial formed group from the Minister of Health for revision and adopted “operating plan and handbook for management with all risk and dangerous with pandemic influence COVID 19 in Republic of North of Macedonia”;
  • A sign from the Director of Crisis Management Centre for representative person for preparation and adopted By Laws, from the Crisis Management Centre Law:
-By Law On type of data and information, manner and procedure of their delivery to the Crisis Management Centre;
-By Law for establishing/determining the operational procedures for mutual communication, coordination, cooperation and procedure of the entities in the Crisis Management Centre;
-By Law For the signs for alarming, the manner and procedures for alarming and procedures of the population;
-By Law for organization and functioning of the single communication information system with single call number 112, in case of risks, dangers and other accidents in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • Member from CMC and participant in adopted R2R Report & Investment plan for Emergency Preparedness and Response Assessment together with The World Bank Group members;
  • responsible person from CMC for amending the Crisis Management Law in 2011 and 2022;
  • Etc.
Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.)

Present position: Retiree

Years within the firm Ministry of defence: from 1981-2005

Years within the firm CMC: From 2005-2020

Key qualifications: (Relevant to the project)
  • Responsible person, Head of the implementation of the 112 project and Government member in Project 112 in R.N.Macedonia from CMC;
  • Implementation “Geographic information system” in CMC;
  • Project for Development of Radio Communication system in CMC (CMC there are 36 independent Radio Networks with 36 repetitors and near the 500 radio stations (handle, fix and in cars radio stations) in WHV band.)
  • Government member in developing SOP and protocol of implementation of IHR from CMC;
  • Head of CMC, working group a sign from the Director of CMC for Preparation and adopted of internal SOP-s and Map of working process for:
-State Operating CMC, Centre,
-27 Smaller Regional Centres (working time 5days per week/8hours),
-8 Head Regional Operating Centres (working time 7days/24hours,365 days per year)
-Section for communication, coordination and cooperation.
  • etc.
Specific experience in the region:
Key qualifications:
CountryDate from - Date to
USA Louisiana State University - Critical Incident Management Course, (Antiterrorism Assistance Program) April 2005;
GermanyNATO School Oberammergau-Germany - Multinational Crisis Management Course, February 2007;
R.CroatiaRacviac seminar- Information Management and Information to the public on Disaster Management – Challenges and Obstacles, June 2006
GermanyGeorge C. Marschall- Europian Center for Security Studies- Senior Executive Seminar 01-2 May,2001;
BulgariaCIMIC- Annual meeting in Sofia 2009;
R. North of MacedoniaSEESIM 08; My role was - Head of Exercise and Main of Headquarter of CMC
R. North of MacedoniaCMX 09 ;
R. North of Macedonia
  • Responding to Weapon Mass Destruction- Incidents at Borders Course, Skopje 10-14May 2010;
  • WMD National Crisis Comand Center Exercise – Skopje 22-26, September 2009; My role was - Main of the Headquarter in CMC
GermanyGarmisch – Program for Security, transition and reconstruction (SSTaR) 10-4
Professional experience
Date from - Date toLocationCompanyPositionDescription
05.10.2005 to 09. 2020SkopjeCMCHead of Section;

Head of Department from 2006-2020

Plus - State advisor 2017-2021

Head of Department E-112 from 2021-2022
-Head of State Operating Centre in CMC;

-Head of Department for Coordination and Operation. (Main Department in CMC with 35 Sections- Regional Crisis Management Centres, one State operating centres and plus one section for Communication, Coordination and Cooperation with near the 240 persons working positions). In this Department is One of the four Free of charge Emergency telephone number 195 in CMC.

-Head of department of E-112
1998 -05.09.2005SkopjeMinistry of Defence (MoD)Chief and Head of Operational centre in MoD (Republic operating centre for observer, informing and alarming. (part of C-4 Department in MoD)Head of Section for Observer, Informing and Alarming and State operating Centre in MoD.
1980-1989- Mynicipality of Skopje-Secretariat of Defence SkopjeSkopjeCity of SkopjeChief of observer, informing and public alarming-City of Skopje