Aleksandar Simeon Stojchevski
Executive Board member
+389 78 475 715
Aleksandar Stojchevski, retired lieutenant colonel of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia. Born in Nov Dojran on April 20, 1964, lives with his family in Skopje.

He completed elementary school in Nov Dojran, and then enrolled in the Military High School in Belgrade, where after graduating in 1982, he enrolled in the Military Academy, majoring in engineering in Belgrade and Karlovac, which he graduated in 1986. He gained his work experience working as an officer in the Army, performing staff and command duties in the engineering and logistics units of the Army.

In the period from 2002 to 2023, he successfully completed a specialization in command and staff duties at the General Staff Academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg, Germany. He has participated in several international exercises and has completed several dedicated trainings, courses and seminars related to the performance of his duties.

In the second half of 2017, he also successfully performed duty in the NATO international military mission in Afghanistan "Resolute Support", in Kabul, where he performed the duty of Chief of Engineering in the headquarters of the Command for Training, Aid and Assistance - Center in Kabul. For his work in the mission, he received an excellent grade and was awarded a NATO medal (NATO non-Article 5 Medal).

He has published more than 100 expert articles in the former magazines of the Ministry of Defense - Defense and Army Word, and since 2009, he regularly publishes articles in the current magazine of the Ministry of Defense - Shield, where he has published over 160 articles so far.

During his working career, he performed a large number of trainings, exercises and lectures with soldiers and officers.

Due to the results shown in his work, he has been praised and awarded several times.
Skopje, January 2024